Getting Here

Full directions to the hotel, including a route finder for those traveling by car or public transport, can be found on the hotel page.

In addition to our previous travel advice, available here, we now wish to provide the following additional advice:

Airport security

For those members travelling to London by plane, we wish to advise that many airports have recently begun to operate their summer flight timetables, which has seen a resultant increase in passenger numbers. Unfortunately, many airports have been unable to recruit sufficient staff, meaning that queues to pass through security checks are extremely long, leading to the possibility of a booked flight being missed. We are aware that this is a particular problem at Manchester and Dublin airports. The Easter weekend is traditionally one of the busiest for air travel. We would strongly advise that you allow as much time as possible to pass through security. The Twitter feeds for most airports will sometimes provide guidance as to the current length of security queues.

Hoppa Buses

Hoppa Buses provide shuttle services, direct from the Heathrow terminals to many of the hotels immediately around Heathrow airport. This includes the convention hotel, which Hoppa describes as ‘Radisson Red’.

If arriving into Heathrow Terminals 2 or 3, the service required is the H2A: or H2C: We would recommend using the H2C service if possible, as this will provide a considerably quicker connection from the terminal to the hotel.

At Terminal 2, the current bus stops used by Hoppa are Stops 9 and 10. Please ensure you alight onto the correct service. At Terminal 3 it is stop 12. Directions to the bus stops should be obvious from inside the terminal buildings, but if in doubt, ask a member of airport staff for assistance.

If arriving into Heathrow Terminal 5, the service required is the H5B:

At Terminal 5, stops 17 and 18 are in use, and we would urge you to check carefully that you alight onto the correct service. Again, directions to these stops should be obvious from inside the terminal buildings, but if in doubt, a member of airport staff should be able to assist.

The above links provide timetable and route guidance for each of these routes.

Most other hotels in the immediate vicinity of the convention hotel are also served by Hoppa Bus services. A diagram with further information can be found here:

Fares start from £5.50 single, depending on method of purchase and size of travelling group. This service is convenient for those who require a door-to-door service, being cheaper than a taxi, but they are considerably more expensive than the TfL bus services mentioned in our previous travel advice. Links to purchase tickets can be found from the above service links.

General information on the Hoppa service can be found here:

Trains – updated information

Heathrow Express – The Heathrow Express currently expects to offer a full service over the Easter weekend, and there are no scheduled disruptions to services. Please see our previous advice for further information on this option.

TfL Rail – this is the service previously known as ‘Heathrow Connect’. Further advice on this option can be found in our previous advice.

It is possible that the TfL Rail service may have converted to operating as the ‘Elizabeth Line’, the first Crossrail line, by the time of Eastercon. We are aware that the line is currently undergoing advanced testing. At the moment, no launch date for this service has been publicised, but if we become aware that the service has commenced operations, we will update our advice accordingly.

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