Social Media Policy

This social media crisis process is a live document, and will be updated regularly. It was last updated on 11 April 2021 at 7:33 pm. If you have any comments or feedback please use the contact form.

Reclamation 2022 is committed to ensuring that our online social spaces are inclusive and welcoming. Anyone who posts content that may be construed as bullying, offensive or disrespectful may first receive a warning with an explanation of the issue and asked not to do it again. If this is ignored, or content is posted that is overtly bullying, offensive or disrespectful, that person may be blocked from those spaces and potentially the convention itself. For more information, please read our Code of Conduct.

Please follow these steps if you feel like there is something that might be a problem for the convention on social media.

1. Let the Promotions/Social Media team know

What appears to be a crisis is not necessarily so. That being said, we always want to hear from you. You are our extra eyes and ears. We have management and escalation plans in place. We have hotlines to DHs, chairs and advisors. We are prepared to handle an issue, whether we saw it first or not.

2. Let us answer

  • We really appreciate staff/member support around difficult issues but also the huge amount of positive traction we get from our members and staff posting their positive experiences.
  • HOWEVER, we need a clear and informative message to get out during a crisis, so it’s a better plan to send us an email and let us give a response.
  • We will make sure you and the committee know the official response and link to where it is.
  • Sometimes it will take time to formulate the response, but we will keep staff updated on our progress wherever possible.

3. Share or like the official response

  • Give the social media team a chance to respond.

No matter how mad you feel. We understand. We might be mad too! It doesn’t help anyone to perpetuate trolling, disinformation or any other kind of unpleasantness. Help us to get clear info out to our members. Email us and await for the response to go out on our official channels and/or where the crisis started.

Reclamation 2022