Committee and Staff


Phil Dyson

Phil Dyson, Chair

Phil has spent over a decade working at conventions including Worldcons in London, Helsinki and Dublin and co-chaired Ytterbium, the 2019 Eastercon. When not reading SF, he can be found discussing cats, contemporary insurgency theory or loud angry 90s American guitar music. He has agreed to be bound by the committee’s decision not to play much of the latter at the convention.

Phil Nanson

Phil Nanson, Treasurer

Phil develops CAD software for a living, working on a programme which is used in the design of anything from kettles to the Mars rovers. He’s an avid gamer, briefly trained as an armourer and owns a lot of books on swords. His favourite author is Avram Davidson and he has been a judge for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

Phil has been going to conventions since he discovered fandom in 1982, courtesy of CUSFS. He has run one Eastercon Green Room and worked in most of the others over the last thirty years. He’s served on the committee of two Eastercons, the first Octocon, four Unicons, and five BRS games cons, most often as treasurer. Three of the Unicons were also games cons and the combination should probably only be counted at 1.25 conventions per event.

He’ll be applying these mathematical skills in his role of treasurer.

Photo of Juliet Kemp

Juliet Kemp (they/them), Joint Head of Programme

Juliet has attended and contributed to programme at various conventions
since 2014, and was part of the Ytterbium (Eastercon 2019) programme
team. They are a writer of speculative fiction, and live in London with
their partners, kid, and dog. When not wrangling words, child, or dog,
they knit, go climbing, and tackle the towering TBR pile.

Virginia Preston

Virginia Preston (she/her), Joint Head of Programme

Virginia has been a science fiction and fantasy fan since childhood but only discovered conventions in 2012. Since then she has contributed to programme at Eastercons, Worldcons, Nine Worlds, and Octocon. In her day job she has organised conferences about history and politics. She likes cats and libraries, calligraphy and cake. 

Caroline Mersey

Caroline Mersey (she/her), Secretary

Caroline Mersey cosplays as a grown-up. She is part of the reviewing team at Strange Horizons; and helps to organise and Super Relaxed Fantasy Club. When not attending or running book events, or talking about books, she binges on the latest boxed set while making beautiful things. You can find her on Twitter—@Liwella—and she blogs at

James Shields

James Shields, Registration

James has been involved in fandom and conventions since the early 1990s. He has helped organise many conventions in Ireland and abroad, including Octocon, P-Con, Shamrokon (Eurocon), Eastercons and Worldcons. He has also been involved in fanzines, fan clubs and fan funds. He is also a fan of LEGO and will attempt to include it in convention programmes at every opportunity. 

Emma Kalson

Emma Kalson (she/they), Communications

Emma attended Nineworlds as their first con, and produced publications for Ytterbium in 2019; their first Eastercon. Since then, they’ve become involved in the Glasgow in 2024 Worldcon bid and now Reclamation. When not wearing cat ears at conventions, they run Fudoki Magazine, have multiple pieces of flash fiction published and have just completed their first novella. They also devour paperbacks faster than affordable, is a web geek, lover of puns, strong tea, and has far too many unfinished crochet projects to count. They live in Nottingham with their husband and a pampered rescue greyhound.


Ed Fortune, Social Media

Farah Mendlesohn, Dealers Room

James Turner, Tech Manager

Dave Mansfield, Ops Manager

Kari Sperring, Green Room

John Harrold, Logistics

Robbie Bourget, Art Show

Colette H Fozard, Registration

Colette Reap, Member Badges

Alan Bellingham, Member Badges

Leo Adams, Access

Farah Mendlesohn, Pre-Con Volunteers

Emjay Ameringen, At-Con Volunteers

Mike Scott, Newsletter

Sarah Brider, Hotel Liaison

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