Bursary Scheme

Attending conventions is expensive, and money can be a barrier to attendance.  Reclamation offers a discounted rate for people on low incomes, but the cost of membership is only a small part of the cost of attending a convention.  Other costs include travel, accommodation, food and childcare.  This is why Reclamation 2022 is operating a bursary scheme to help people who may not otherwise be able to attend.

Who can apply for a bursary?

Anyone based in the UK or Ireland who finds cost a barrier to attending EasterCon.  You must not be in receipt of financial assistance from another scheme to help you attend Reclamation.

What does the bursary scheme cover?

The bursary is a cash contribution to the costs of attending Reclamation 2022.  It could be used for accommodation, travel, food, childcare, an accompanying carer or support person, or anything else that would help someone attend who might not otherwise be able to.  

We don’t want to set boundaries on what a bursary could pay for – please tell us what would help you to attend.  

Can I use bursary scheme funds to pay for a membership?

Reclamation will donate a complimentary membership to each recipient of bursary scheme funding.  This is additional to the bursary scheme and its funding, and membership costs should not be included in the amount being applied for through the bursary scheme.  If the only thing you wish to apply for is a membership, but you don’t need any additional funds, please apply through the bursary scheme route and make clear you are only seeking a membership.     

How much money is available?

Tell us how much you need.  We have a notional upper limit in mind of around £500 per person, but more may be available if a strong case is made.

How do I apply?

Please fill in the application form.  You will need to give us:- 

  • your contact details, 
  • how much money you are requesting from the bursary scheme, 
  • a short summary (max 300 words) of what you would use the money for, how this would help you to attend Reclamation 2022, and why you should be considered for a bursary  
  • confirmation that you are not applying for, or are in receipt of, support from any other scheme to enable you to attend this convention.

How will bursary decisions be made?

Decisions will be made by the Reclamation 2022 Committee on the basis of the funds available and the strength of the applications received.  All decisions are final.

If more qualifying applications are received than funds are available, the Committee will prioritise between them using the following criteria:

  • Maximising the impact of the bursary scheme by supporting a larger number of fans to attend.
  • Prioritising people from groups historically under-represented in EasterCon attendance.

What’s the closing date for bursary applications?

Applications received by 31 December 2021 will be considered in early January 2022.  Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible thereafter.  If you need a decision sooner than January 2022 please let us know in your application and we will consider it on an exceptional basis.

If bursary funds remain available after this first round of applications have been considered, the scheme will reopen and applications will be considered individually as they are received until the bursary funds are fully allocated, or 31 March 2022, whichever is sooner.

How will bursaries be paid and monitored?

Bursaries will be paid as a cash sum, by bank transfer.  Reclamation 2022 expects that bursaries will be used for the purpose of attending the convention as set out in the application, but will not require any reporting of spend or return of unspent funds.  

What will happen to unspent bursary funds?

Any unspent bursary money will be donated by Reclamation 2022 to a future UK convention to be used for a similar bursary scheme.

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