We’ve thrown a few frequently asked questions together – if you still haven’t found an answer to your question, please contact us.

How can I help/volunteer?

Get in touch with us via the contact form or social media.

Why do you think you will be able to have an in-person convention?

We think that the progress with the vaccination programme in the UK means that it will be possible to meet together, though we think there will probably still be a need for additional hygiene, and possibly some social distancing, and so on. We don’t know if that means eg that masks will be required, and we will of course comply with any regulations eg on checking into the venue, providing contact details, and so on.

When will we know about the hotel?

We hope to visit in the next few weeks as lockdown eases, and we will let everyone know as soon as possible after that. If there’s a delay in getting to see the space, we’ll tell you. And of course it will then take a little while to finalise the contract.

What if I don’t want to come once I know what hotel/city it’s happening in? Will you refund my membership without question?


Will there be a cap on membership?

If that’s required by UK regulations, we will put a cap in place, and we will of course keep that under review with the hotel. We will of course know what the maximum capacity of the hotel is so will if necessary cap at that number but at the moment we are not planning that.

Will we need to have social distancing next Easter?

We don’t know. We will follow the UK regulations that are in force at that time,

What about people who can’t come in person, what can you put on for them?

We aim to provide some online content, both live and recorded, which can be accessed remotely, and we think that tools like Discord – or whatever is the best option by next year – will be popular with fans both at the convention in person and attending remotely.

What does ‘hybrid’ look like?

Generally we think that hybrid looks like providing both in-person and virtual activities, with opportunities for fans at the hotel and fans online to interact. We don’t think that eg panels with some panellists and audience online and some in person, and the same for an audience, work very well – though we’re open to considering it – but we think that eg some content can be streamed to a programme room and to members on the internet, with online Q&A which can work very well.

How will you manage accessibility online and in person?

In person, we’ll be looking at the hotel space with accessibility in mind. Online we want to make sure that what we provide works for people eg who need screen readers, or who lip read. We’re keen to hear from you about what you need and what works, so do let us know about any specific issues you have – there’s a box on the membership form where you can tell us if you are buying a membership, or you can email us any time to discuss.

Does the Code of Conduct apply to me/you/guests of honour?

Yes it applies to everyone.

Will you be requiring X (face masks, proof of covid vaccine, no hugging)?

We’ll be observing whatever requirements are in place next Easter in the UK. If that means no hugging, sad though that will be for some of us, we will have to require that.

Who are you reclaiming Eastercon from? ( someone trying to start a gratuitous feud?)

We’re thinking in terms of us reclaiming our physical space, and our meeting together in person, which we hope we will be able to do.

Will you provide paper Progress Reports?

There is a box to tick on the membership form to request paper-based Progress Reports. We are charging a small fee to cover the cost of postage. If you need paper copies for accessibility reasons, please contact us.

Will there be affordable food options if there’s an in-person con?

There are plenty of food options within a few minutes’ walk from our proposed hotel as well as the catering we organise in the hotel itself.

Will you have panel parity?

We will be aiming for panel parity across the programme, as we did at Ytterbium. We also want to make sure we are including as diverse a range of people on programme as possible, including people who may never have taken part before, and we believe this is one of the things that makes for an interesting and exciting event. 

What platform will you use for virtual parts of the convention/if you have to go fully online?

We haven’t made any decisions yet. There have been lots of online events and conferences and conventions this year, including this Eastercon, plus many fans have experience with things like online teaching, and we’re all learning huge amounts from attending them. And of course the technology is moving on all the time. The committee has been discussing these experiences and feedback, and will make the decision based on those discussions and the technology that’s available, with the aim of making virtual content accessible to as many fans as possible.

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