The 72nd Eastercon: Reclamation

Eastercons are fan-run British Science Fiction Convention events and have run most years since 1948. They begin on the Friday of the Easter weekend and finish on the Monday, with a variety of panels, talks, workshops, Kaffeeklatsches (small group chats with an author), book readings, quizzes, gaming, filking (sci-fi sing-alongs) and much, much more.

Our Guests of Honour


Phil Dyson

Phil Dyson (he/him)

Phil Nanson

Phil Nanson

Photo of Juliet Kemp

Juliet Kemp (they/them)

Virginia Preston

Virginia Preston (she/her)

Caroline Mersey

Caroline Mersey

James Shields

James Shields

Emma Kalson

Emma Kalson (she/they)


1/2r, Dawn Abigail, Mike Allum, Emjay Ameringen, Lord Ashram, BJ, Kathryn Baker, Michael Barker, Heather Bayly, Robert Berg, Peter Blake, Penny Bradsell, Sian Bradshaw, Simon Bradshaw, JJ Brutsnan, Mary Burns, Jonathan Cain, Marianne Cain, Fiona Clark, Dave Clements, Noel Collyer, John Coxon, Elliot Craggs, Steve Davies, Giulia de Cesare, Miki Dennis, Gillian Dickson, Fran Dowd, Nick Eden, Sue Edwards, Anne-Louise Fortune, Caroline Gomez Lagerlof, SJ Groenewegen, Gideon Hallett, Mike Hammond, Kayden Harper, Leide Hassam, Malcolm Hutchinson, Harriet, Nicholas Jackson, Edward James, Emily January, Rowan Jenkins, Stuart Jenkins, Yvette Keller, Tom Kirk, Fred Langridge, Oscar Logger, Goran Lowie, Mad Elf, Maniac, Duncan MacGregor, Pat McMurray, David Matthewman, Sue Mason, Sue Maw, Harriet Monkhouse, Fiona Moore, Nolly, Penny, Jo Playford, Gillian Polack, Roxana Postolade, Greg Ray, Pandora Ray, Sam Rogers, Powder Schofield, Alison Scott, Eira Short, Neil Simpson, Martin Smart, Russell Smith, Dan Smithers, Nathaniel Smithers, Richard Stephens, Marcus Streets, Stuart, Jean Thompson, Tlanti, Kate Towner, Heather Turnbull, Thomas Westerberg, Nik Whitehead, Sophie Williams, Paul Wilson

Reclamation artwork by Neil McChrystal.

Doc Weir Award

Congratulations to James Shields for being this year’s winner.

Next Eastercons

Conversation, 7th-10th April 2023, venue to be announced. Guests of Honour: Zen Cho, Niall Harrison, Jennell Jaquays, Kari Sperring, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Ursula Vernon (T Kingfisher).

Levitation, 29th March to 1st April 2024, Telford International Centre. Guests of Honour: Jackie Burns, Genevieve Cogman, Michelle Sagara (also writes as Michelle West) and Tade Thompson.

Reclamation 2022